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A gem from the Mosel valley in Germany

The wine cellar of Dr. Leimbrock at Muehlheim on the Mosel River in Germany has a tradition of 250 years. The wine is made in modern and naturally cooled cellars with traditional methods proven since generations. The family loves to spread their passion for the Riesling wines and the lifestyle of moderate drinking. The Leimbrock family plants Riesling grapes in the most prestigious vineyards on the steep slopes along the river. They tend to keep their vineyards in sustainable and environmentally friendly way, limiting the use of chemicals to the minimum necessary.


Mühlheimer Sonnenlay 2013 (Spätlese) in 500ml bottle:

This medium-dry Riesling is a late harvest wine with elegant hint of sweetness, citrus and peach. Moderate acidity and a long aftertaste make it a perfect companion for Asian dishes. It pairs well with sweet-sour or spicy dishes, white meat and fish, steamed vegetables and salads. Its best served slightly chilled (9-12 degree C) and the light alcohol (11%) makes it a lovely summer drink. After the late harvest of the ripe grapes it is crafted in big oak barrels and ripened in the naturally cooled cellars of the Dr. Leimbrock winery.


Brauneberger Mandelgraben 2014 (Kabinett):

Single vineyard Riesling, growing on a steep south-west facing slope mostly composed of slate. Fresh, fruity but of crisp dryness, this wine is perfect for summer evenings. Aroma of Citrus and Stonefruit harmonize with light meals, Mediterranean vegetables, seafood and shellfish. A hint of sweetness makes it perfect for Asian dishes too.

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We love this wine in summer, chilled before dinner, with seafood or spicy dishes. The two Spätlese have a fruity sweetness, while the Kabinett is dry but still with lovely balance of acidity. Get in touch with us to order your own tasting set of 2 bottles, or pick your favorite one.

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